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The Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss & Swiss National Supercomputing Centre ETH Zurich with ‘COSMO Novel Expert Tool (COSMO-NExT)’


Finalist Swiss ICT Award 2016


The demands on the national weather service are continuously increasing. Weather simulations are essential for flight safety, storm warnings and in the event of nuclear or chemical disasters. In order to achieve accurate forecasts and create more realistic simulations, new and higher resolution weather models with a mesh distance of about one kilometre are needed. To meet this requirement, meteorologists, researchers and companies from different disciplines have joined forces to develop the COSMO Novel Expert Tool (COSMO-NExT), a new generation of software and computers that has made MeteoSwiss a global pioneer in high-resolution weather models. In terms of hardware, it is the world’s first national weather service to use a new computer architecture with fast graphics processing units (GPU) instead of the customary CPU. GPUs offer 40 times more capacity than conventional computers and use less electricity. This MeteoSwiss supercomputer is in operation at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre.

Target groups:

Switzerland as a whole, research groups

How it benefits business:

The project considerably improves the quality of storm warnings.




Joint project management by MeteoSwiss and CSCS

Why this finalist believes it deserves to win the Swiss ICT Award 2016:

‘The interdisciplinary collaboration between meteorologists, researchers and industry players, who have joined forces to develop a new generation of software and computer, will benefit the entire Swiss population in the form of more accurate weather forecasts.’

The comment of the jury:

'Meteorologists, researchers and industry have developed a new generation of interdepartmental hard and software that the jury believes will make MeteoSwiss a global pioneer in high-resolution weather models.'