Swiss ICT Award: Nomos System AG

mit Nomos System


Nomos System is a universal IoT automation software that encrypts all common automation protocols for multimedia, software, service and buildings and can be connected with the full range of proprietary IoT apps. The individual intelligent components can, regardless of the protocol, user interface, or device, interact with each other to close the gap between the hardware and software controller and reduce costs for system integration.

The jury expects to see the number of IoT components and protocols increase rapidly in the coming years. For this reason, it will become more and more important to simplify them for the sake of facilitating straightforward and seamless operation. In this regard, the modularity of the Nomos system platform also gave it a strategic advantage.

Die Jury-Begr√ľndung

Anyone using the IoT for the first time will quickly notice that most protocols, software and hardware are proprietary models that are incompatible with one another. The solution? A piece of IoT automation software that can read all automation protocols for multimedia, software, services and buildings and can be connected up to proprietary IoT apps as desired. 

Applauding the vision and courage behind this project and how it has been implemented, the panel declared Nomos System the winner. With the number of IoT components and protocols set to grow rapidly over the next few years, facilitating simple, integrated operation will become increasingly important. And the modular nature of its platform has given Nomos Systems a strategic edge in this regard.

Newcomer Award: Advertima AG

mit The Experience Management System (EMS)


Studies have shown that nearly 90 per cent of the information people encounter each day is irrelevant to them. This is where Advertima comes in, as its aim is to create a world in which we encounter only information that matters to us personally. Much like the human brain, Advertima takes data collected by sensors from the actual surroundings and links it to information about a person (the artificial intelligence system stores only anonymised, key biometric data that cannot be traced back to any specific person) to provide situation-relevant information that can be continuously adapted to the individual. Thanks to machine learning, the Advertima Experience Management System (EMS) learns from data it has collected previously to constantly improve its performance.

The jury predicts that machine learning algorithms will reach human levels of ability in two to three decades and that our future will inevitably be influenced by intelligent machines – and Advertima will be right at the forefront of this transformation thanks to its innovative technology.

Die Jury-Begr√ľndung

This year’s winner of the Newcomer Award is an impressive example of how technology can improve the efficiency of advertising and information. Advertima combines public advertising with the ability to target it at specific groups thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Its electronic billboard uses sensors to capture key biometric data in anonymised form whenever someone approaches it, enabling it to categorise the person by gender, age and other profile information relevant from an advertising technology point of view. 

The panel were swayed by the overall concept and named The Experience Management System (EMS) from Advertima AG the winner. Machine learning allows EMS to learn from historical data and thus continuously improve the quality of its targeting. These kinds of machine learning algorithm are breaking new ground and are capable of yielding applications that are much more astonishing still. 


Public Award: SwissCognitive

mit SwissCognitive


According to experts, we’re currently at a technology threshold when it comes to digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI). This will have a major impact on the world and our daily lives. Hence why it is so important that the course AI takes is not only determined by techies and the tech industry. Instead, politicians, experts, think tanks, NGOs, scientists, companies and, not least, society as a whole all need to be part of the discussion. This is where WhyWait comes in:  SwissCognitive aspires to become the ‘World Economic Forum for AI’ and hopes to unite various players to promote an open and transparent approach to AI. Switzerland is the ideal place for such a hub thanks to its secure environment, international reputation, existing infrastructure, and experience establishing and hosting international organisations (such as the UN or Red Cross).

The jury is of the opinion that SwissCognitive will benefit Switzerland overall as a centre of activity and that its future global AI hub will make it possible to develop sustainable business alternatives for Switzerland as a financial centre.