Swiss ICT Award: Artanim SA

mit Real Virtuality


Real Virtuality is a multi-user platform that combines a 3D environment with real scenery. Unlike conventional VR systems, the user does not simply sit in a chair and experience the world through a set of goggles; instead, they experience full sensory immersion. The user’s movements are captured using a motion sensor system, allowing them to move freely within the virtual environment and interact with objects and other people. In this way, Artanim is raising the bar when it comes to virtual reality. The combination of motion capture technology with the illusion of virtual reality has also caught the attention of some big names in Hollywood: director Steven Spielberg invested USD 11 million in Artanim, along with several well-known studios, such as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros. and 21st Century Fox. The film industry hopes the technology will generate new streams of revenue.

The jury was impressed by how the technology and software – developed completely in Switzerland – will allow for completely new forms of storytelling. Aside from the entertainment industry, the VR platform is paving the way for a wide variety of applications, including museum applications, building and city tours, telepresence systems, and medical applications (anxiety therapy, rehabilitation, neurosciences, etc.).

Swiss ICT Award: Imito AG

mit ImitoCam


More than 50 per cent of doctors who work in hospitals use their smartphones for clinical photo-documentation. Often, the images are sent via messenger apps to get feedback from colleagues – without always observing the applicable data-protection laws. This is where ImitoCam comes in as an easy-to-use, data protection-compliant solution for photo and wound documentation, as well as a collaboration platform for the industry and cross-sector sharing of information in hospitals. The platform allows colleagues involved in treating a patient to view pictures and videos of diseases, injuries or procedures directly using an Instagram-like platform for the purposes of collecting second opinions – all in strict compliance with European data protection laws as well as the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR).

The jury sees Imito’s strength and great potential in its focus on mobile collaboration and imaging, which will open up ways to collaborate with hospitals and developers of medical archival systems.

Swiss ICT Award: Eyeware Tech SA

mit Eyeware


The multi-platform Eyeware Assist software will make it possible for people with physical disabilities to operate standard PCs via eye, head, and facial movements – at a much lower cost than conventional eye-tracking systems, thanks to the fact that Eyeware technology works with conventional 3D cameras available to ordinary consumers. Eyeware Assist also works at greater distances and can be used by several people at the same time, making it a highly flexible application. The system was developed in part through a collaboration with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, SUVA, and the Balgrist Zentrum für Paraplegie. In the workplace, it can be a powerful tool to help integrate people with disabilities.

The jury was also impressed by its enormous potential in new markets. Because the software works with conventional 3D cameras and is flexible and easy to use, potential applications include the healthcare sector and many other industries, such as robotics, the automotive and gaming industries, smart homes, and advertising.

Swiss ICT Award: Nomos System AG

mit Nomos System


Nomos System is a universal IoT automation software that encrypts all common automation protocols for multimedia, software, service and buildings and can be connected with the full range of proprietary IoT apps. The individual intelligent components can, regardless of the protocol, user interface, or device, interact with each other to close the gap between the hardware and software controller and reduce costs for system integration.

The jury expects to see the number of IoT components and protocols increase rapidly in the coming years. For this reason, it will become more and more important to simplify them for the sake of facilitating straightforward and seamless operation. In this regard, the modularity of the Nomos system platform also gave it a strategic advantage.

Die Jury-Begr√ľndung

Anyone using the IoT for the first time will quickly notice that most protocols, software and hardware are proprietary models that are incompatible with one another. The solution? A piece of IoT automation software that can read all automation protocols for multimedia, software, services and buildings and can be connected up to proprietary IoT apps as desired. 

Applauding the vision and courage behind this project and how it has been implemented, the panel declared Nomos System the winner. With the number of IoT components and protocols set to grow rapidly over the next few years, facilitating simple, integrated operation will become increasingly important. And the modular nature of its platform has given Nomos Systems a strategic edge in this regard.

Swiss ICT Award: Kudelski Group

mit White Noise


White Noise is a secure, multi-platform, unified communications solution that uses hardware encryption and is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows operating systems. Developed and hosted in Switzerland, White Noise promises to deliver security and privacy for voice and instant messaging, even in heterogeneous networks – all at an affordable price that makes it accessible to companies of all sizes.

The jury sees Kudelski Group as a company that is making a global breakthrough by bringing its White Noise secure communications solution to the market. The company is proactively taking advantage of Switzerland’s image as a safe haven for data to underscore a key economic value of our country.

Newcomer Award: Bexio AG

mit Bexio


With more than 8,000 customers, Bexio is a leading provider of cloud-based business software for Swiss SMEs. The solution enables the entire workflow to be managed via a single platform, from the preparation of quotes to automated invoicing and dunning, through to integrated e-banking and online bookkeeping. New features are also being continuously rolled out; payroll accounting and other banking interfaces were recently added to Bexio, for example.

The jury was impressed, on the one hand, by how much Bexio has grown since its founding and on the other, by how the company has managed not only to simplify accounting for microenterprises but also to connect with its trustees and banks, resulting in major increases in efficiency.

Newcomer Award: Advertima AG

mit The Experience Management System (EMS)


Studies have shown that nearly 90 per cent of the information people encounter each day is irrelevant to them. This is where Advertima comes in, as its aim is to create a world in which we encounter only information that matters to us personally. Much like the human brain, Advertima takes data collected by sensors from the actual surroundings and links it to information about a person (the artificial intelligence system stores only anonymised, key biometric data that cannot be traced back to any specific person) to provide situation-relevant information that can be continuously adapted to the individual. Thanks to machine learning, the Advertima Experience Management System (EMS) learns from data it has collected previously to constantly improve its performance.

The jury predicts that machine learning algorithms will reach human levels of ability in two to three decades and that our future will inevitably be influenced by intelligent machines – and Advertima will be right at the forefront of this transformation thanks to its innovative technology.

Die Jury-Begr√ľndung

This year’s winner of the Newcomer Award is an impressive example of how technology can improve the efficiency of advertising and information. Advertima combines public advertising with the ability to target it at specific groups thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Its electronic billboard uses sensors to capture key biometric data in anonymised form whenever someone approaches it, enabling it to categorise the person by gender, age and other profile information relevant from an advertising technology point of view. 

The panel were swayed by the overall concept and named The Experience Management System (EMS) from Advertima AG the winner. Machine learning allows EMS to learn from historical data and thus continuously improve the quality of its targeting. These kinds of machine learning algorithm are breaking new ground and are capable of yielding applications that are much more astonishing still. 


Newcomer Award: Crowdhouse AG



When Bricks & Bytes started, it created a completely new product and tapped into a new online market in Switzerland. In the past, direct investment in real estate was only available to people of significant means, or to institutional investors. Thanks to, anyone with at least CHF 25,000 to invest can become a co-owner of real estate. The mission of is to become the first fully digital real-estate investment platform that ‘uses technology to democratise the purchase, investment in, and ownership of real estate’.

The jury was impressed by this, along with the enormous growth potential for disrupting the real-estate sector, which is still an almost entirely ‘analogue’ business.

Public Award: SwissCognitive

mit SwissCognitive


According to experts, we’re currently at a technology threshold when it comes to digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI). This will have a major impact on the world and our daily lives. Hence why it is so important that the course AI takes is not only determined by techies and the tech industry. Instead, politicians, experts, think tanks, NGOs, scientists, companies and, not least, society as a whole all need to be part of the discussion. This is where WhyWait comes in:  SwissCognitive aspires to become the ‘World Economic Forum for AI’ and hopes to unite various players to promote an open and transparent approach to AI. Switzerland is the ideal place for such a hub thanks to its secure environment, international reputation, existing infrastructure, and experience establishing and hosting international organisations (such as the UN or Red Cross).

The jury is of the opinion that SwissCognitive will benefit Switzerland overall as a centre of activity and that its future global AI hub will make it possible to develop sustainable business alternatives for Switzerland as a financial centre.

Newcomer Award: Recapp IT AG

mit The app to recapp


The strategic focus of recapp is on accentuated language and multilingual users. recapp’s unique technology makes it possible to develop efficient and adaptive automated speech recognition systems that adapt quickly to new dialects, languages, and speakers. The cloud-based solution takes audio or video files and creates an interactive document that can be searched according to speaker or topic. recapp can automatically transcribe conversations in multiple languages (including Swiss German), with numerous technical terms or specialist expressions, and even adds punctuation marks (which, of course, are not vocalized) in the right places.

The jury was pleased by how recapp IT took advantage of Swiss linguistic complexity as an opportunity to create a powerful, unique speech-recognition solution. The jury also felt that recapp IT succeeded in demonstrating that speech recognition actually works, and that the company therefore has the potential to become one of the leading providers in the field of multilingual automated speech recognition.